Subsea Access is certified to carry out in water ship class surveys by Lloyds Register Marine and have done so for TasPorts, North Western Shipping and the Bruny Is Ferry company. Part of this certification means that Subsea Access must have the ability to carryout in water repairs, cleaning and damage identification on any class of vessel that is being inspected.

Subsea Access also conducts in water cleaning of large commercial vessels such as the Roach Ferry feet using state of the art technology so no damage is done to the vessels anti fouling. This technology is known as Cavit Cleaning.

Subsea Access has carried out many other in water surveys from marina structures, bridge inspections, reservoirs and environmental surveys.

Subsea Access has carried out several specialised bridge inspections throughout Australia for various asset management companies such as Opus International Engineering, John Holland Group, Zaganite, TasSpan and Tas Government. For many of these organisations Subsea Access is now the preferred diving contractor.

Much of this inspection work includes a preventative maintenance program. An example of this work is, in Feb 2013 Subsea Access with TasSpan (Tasmanian based Engineering company was awarded the contract to install heavy duty protective jackets to all the piles on the Tasman Bridge “The type and scale of this project has not been seen in Tasmania before. The Tasman Bridge is the most valuable asset on the Tasmanian Roads – The Mercury Newspaper 2013”. Part of this project was to install large protective jackets that encompassed the 6.5m piles to prevent corrosion of the concrete piles. In addition to the installation of the jackets other diving works involved underwater concreting repairs, installation of tie rods, removal of marine growth and other foreign objects, concrete coring for analysis.

During this project Subsea Access used a 5 person dive team working consistently 6 days a week. The team used an array of equipment from HP water jets Hydraulic grinders, corers and drills. In total over 1500 dives were carried out over 230 days without major incident or loss of work due to injury.

Subsea Access is experienced in all facets of underwater based construction with qualified commercial divers, surveyed vessels and specialist equipment we can complete any task required. All Subsea Access staff hold

  • White Card certification
  • First Aid and O2 Provision certification
  • Working at Heights certification
  • Confined spaces certification

Many of Subsea Access casual staff have experience in both the Off and On Shore gas and oil industries and therefore are very aware of OH&S requirements and have experience in large scale construction projects.

Subsea Access is an innovative company committed to providing best practice in a highly competitive industry. Subsea Access enjoys a reputation of being able complete high quality work in often difficult environments, ensuring we remain the preferred diving contractor for our clients. For information on current projects that involve underwater construction please view our recent projects portfolio.

Subsea Access has extensive experience in cleaning inspecting and maintaining reservoirs, these reservoirs can vary from small rural ones to much larger residential. Due to our methodology of cleaning we are not limited to size or location of the reservoirs, much of this methodology revolves around ensuring there is no water contamination from our cleaning operations. We provide an experienced team of commercial trained divers with working at Heights and confined space certifications.

Subsea Access has many years experience in environmental monitoring and scientific diving, throughout Australia. Subsea Access has the personnel, experience and physical resources to deliver any scientific diving operation no matter the location. Many of Subsea Access staff members have commercial diving, marine biology and scientific diving backgrounds thus allowing any scientific dive team to operate well within any client or government standards, this allows Subsea Access to offer an unique service to its clients. Our equipment and experience is listed but not limited to the below list.

  • 4.8m commercial vessel
  • AC-ROV mico ROV
  • Sediment sampling
  • Baseline surveys
  • Environmental impact surveys
  • Coral monitoring
  • Ecological, Algal and Fish in water surveys
  • Marine invasive pest surveys
  • Spoil ground validation survey

Subsea Access is an expert in supplying field based environmental services to clientele that do not have this capability. Subsea Access takes pride in delivering concise and accurate data collection within the allocated time frames.